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    Posted this on another forum but its such an impressive piece of kit I'm also posting it here for anyone wishing to control receivers fitted in a locker without having to open the door.

    When I made my initial query re small freeview box (fed up with AT unit crap reception) someone kindly supplied me with a link for a "universal magic eye"(many thanks) I did wonder but thought at £4.99 inc postage it was worth a punt. It took 16 days to arrive from Hong Kong and today I fitted it. What a wonderful piece of technology no setting up other than powering it up.

    Here is a link to the ebay supplier but be aware 2-3 weeks delivery:-

    The IR emitter needs to be stuck over the receivers IR window using double sided tape provided. As I wanted all the wiring hidden in space behind the vehicles psu unit this would have effectively tethered the receiver. So I cut 2 small pieces of sticky velcro to suit and punched a small hole in each to allow signals to pass.

    Here are the photos of my installation, I'm so chuffed at how effective it is, tomorrow I'll cut another piece of velcro for the freesat receiver then I just need switch the emitter over, no more having to open the locker door. Range is impressive the full length of the van no problems and a very wide acceptance angle.

    So for anyone needing a magic eye type controller this is the answer.

    Photo 1 PSU Locker with receivers at top

    Photo 2 Freeview receiver with emitter fixed in place using sticky backed velcro. Tomorrow I will fit a piece of velcro over the freesat receiver IR window so I can switch emitter over when using satellite. Extra tag shows on velcro to allow easy removal.

    Photo 3 The magic eye stuck discretely in place with very little wiring showing.

    I've just ordered another for the house.:thumb:

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