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    Dear Friends:Sad:

    Yesterday when I was doing advertising from Motorhome Friends found some motorhome freinds that iknew from last year .... after a littel talking they told me that they had been with my brother .... The strangest thing, was that the guy said he worked with me and wanted to sell some watches to help about 25 children who are in living in Madeira iland ....

    In December a friends our (Funste r)said they were approached by a nice gentleman that 'sold' them same watches ....

    The truth is that I have no brothers or anyone else working with me, only my love Mireilli who is my wife ....

    So be careful, he has as target motorhome people, my freinds from yesterday told me he is driving in a BMW .... if you are approached by this guy please contact the GNR(police) .... he is a crook!!:Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry::Angry:
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