Aldi 19" 12v Camper Telly

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    Ok I purchased at the reasonable price of £99 prior to a Euro tour, was discussed in depth re similar Finluxs etc.
    Well I was well pleased with the Altius kit (Aldi) until something caused both my 12v splitter ( twin ciggy socket thingy with a usb charger socket as well) and the tellies power supply unit to both "frie up" when I was in Luxembourg. The fuse blew too. Thankfully my Manhattan Freesat box was ok. Mrs Moo was well impressed that I had a box of fuses with me.
    I don't know which was the culprit but the outcome necessitated a non budget purchase of a Philips 12v/230v 22" full HD jobby and despite it not having a dvd player it has a fantastic picture and very good sound.

    Note, I previously thought 22" would have been overkill in the van. It is fine.

    On a 85cm dish I got Freesat right down to Fussen in Southern Bavaria. using a .1 db LNB. Found I had to make quite a correction for the altitude of Astra compared to uk setting !
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