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    I thought I would share an interesting Alde option. If you have an Alde heater with the 3kw electric heater the you have to be careful of its use on virtually any site as at full chat it is 12 amps plus depending on voltage at the post. I optioned the 2kw inverter charger (victron) on my new Flair and this comes with the digital control panel which allows you to dial up the EHU amp limit and will provide inverted power assist when the van demand exceeds that limit. I have had these Victron units on my boat and RV they are a great solution to managing EHU limits.
    With a potential 3kw draw the Alde unit takes it power direct from the incoming AC, not through the transfer switch in the inverter charger. The obvious reason being the high draw will cause issues with the inverter limit and also battery capacity will never cope with water heating.
    You have managed socket power through the Victron but the heating will need constant tending if you do not want to simply leave it on Gas. This is where the load monitor comes in. It is simply an AMP sensor ring which you locate on the incoming EHU, and plug the other end into the appropriate socket on the Alde main board. This option can then be activated on the panel and in the same way you dial up the max EHU amps with the Victron, you dial up the shore amps on the Alde panel. It then monitors the EHU draw and down powers the electric heating to suit.
    I have found it works great I can leave the priority to electric and allow the Alde to draw electric when it is available but not at the cost of normal house demand.
    Here is a link to Alde, it may be terminated by the Fun server, if so just google.
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