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  1. david price

    david price

    Sep 28, 2008
    Hi all ,my 1st post on this forum.Does anyone know about alarms.Last year i had a auto watch 375 clam central locking alarm fitted.
    when i press the central locking the indicators flash and there is a beep,beep noise.
    Now the indicators still flash but ther is no beep,beep.I have also set the alarm off on purpose but there is no siren noise.It is still under guarentee but i do not have the time to take it to the dealers as it is a two hour round trip.I have checked all fuses i can find but all seem ok.
    I know the alarm is on the drivers side but cannot find it.Any ideas ?
    Dave. Pricey 007 on another forum.
  2. eddievanbitz

    eddievanbitz Trader - Funster

    Oct 4, 2007
    Taunton Somerset

    There is normally a delay between arming the system and the system becoming "fully armed"

    Normally this delay is about 25 - 30 seconds. Arm the alarm, time 30 seconds (most people get 30 seconds woefully wrong:winky:) Then open a door or locker that is alarmed. If the system has been tied into the central locking leavea wind open so you can reach in and open the door, without using the "blipper"

    The system should respong then. The beeping when you arm normally means that there is a door or locker not closed properly, so the fact that the system has stopped beeping probably, just means that you have cured the fault without even knowing it!:Cool:

    Hope that helps, if not its off to the dealer for you :Doh:


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