Alarm on control panel keeps going off.

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    Mar 11, 2013
    HI all

    Away at the moment in Portugal and need some help re electrics. We are on EHU and know that we are not on reverse polarity. The problem is that the alarm on the control panel Intermittently keeps going off bleeping and alerting that we are on RP. It then stops and the panel is normal. Historically if we plug into RP the alarm sounds and the control panel stays constantly red. The faulty bleeps shows red then goes off. I have changed EHU feed and still no change. I have removed the panel pulled the two sets of wires and re plugged in still no change.
    Ther CP is on a Swift Kontiki I can turn of the bleep for low battery or tank levels but cannot work out how to turn of RP alarm.

    Any suggestions
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