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    Oct 5, 2012
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    Hi All, what a great site, firstly let me introduce myself, I am the recent proud owner of an Elddis 115, I bought this, my first motorhome for solo (mainly!) travel, coming from a slightly damp ABI Equerry caravan. I really wanted a van conversion but with me at 6'1" the headrooms were just to low, the extra few inches headroom on the Elddis makes all the difference. It basically feels like a van on steroids.:winky:

    I have fitted my own reverse camera system - 2 cameras in fact, I intend to have one camera giving me a rear view in my blind spot at the back of the van most of the time. The other is for directly behind & under the rear of the van, switchable on my console.

    I need to get a decent alam fitted as the boxer van only has an immobiliser fitted, I intend to go touring with a mix of camping sites in the South of Spain this winter so need some additional security. Can anybody recommend any alarm fitters in the aberdeenshire area, and most cost effective alarm system ? I would like Perimeter security at night, and of course internal security sensing when the van is left unattended.

    Any advice gratefully recieved.


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