Alabama rot

Jul 24, 2014
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I feel the urge to mention this evil bug, I had word from a friend that the Forest of Dean has claimed a pet through this just recently, so I am passing on their advice.
Don't walk in woods, stagnant water, or marshy ground if your pet has any cuts or sores.
Wash the feet and legs off as soon as possible after a walk.
Any sign of illness or sores go to the vet and tell them your fears.
Another sign is lethargy, and being sick.
It isn't just the legs and paws that can get the sores/hair loss, under the tail and on the face too.
Ultimately the kidneys will fail.
May 7, 2015
West Sussex
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There was a feature on it this week on the BBC local news.

They had an interview with a fish expert... yes really!

She said that she thinks there's a correlation between a disease in fish and Alabama Rot. She hopes to study the situation and hopefully find a cure. She was asking for vets to contact her if they suspect they have a case.

Here's info about it:

In a document sent to Veterinary Times entitled “CRGV (Alabama rot) – an organism of interest?”, Dr Macdonald explained: “There is a suspicion initial cases of CRGV occurred in areas with substantial amounts of water as a result of unusually high rainfall; both running and standing water was close to 4°C for some weeks around the time of the cases.

“To date, dogs appear to be the only species affected, with no reported cases in wild ponies, foxes, cattle or deer. There have been recorded cases of infection with A hydrophila in dogs, which mirrored Leptospira infections, and this pathogen has been on the list of possible causes of CRGV since early manifestations of the problem.”

Dr Macdonald is receiving funding for her work from the New Forest Dog Owners Group, and is appealing for help from UK vets.

She said: “I want blood samples from suspected CRGV cases and I’m happy to send out swabs along with a sampling protocol to any vet for them to swab any suspicious lesions. Email me at”

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