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    'Ireland’s first and only service point for tourists visiting by motorhome will provide a significant boost to the local economy.'

    “Aires de Services” – where drivers of motorhomes and other large vehicle can park up and take a break - are already a common feature in towns and villages across mainland Europe and Britain, but are virtually unheard of in Ireland.

    Now Limerick County Council, in conjunction with the local community, has provided the service point as part of its development of the €5.66 million Askeaton Pool and Leisure Centre. The service facility is estimated to have cost €5,000 to develop.

    Full story here
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    It's really heartening to discover that not all the Irish authorities have what I perceived as a national paranoia about 'tinkers'.
    When we were over there a couple of years ago nearly all the rest stops, picnic places and car parks had height barriers which stopped us getting in. Apparently it was to keep the tinkers away. Of course it keeps us away as well. The cost of policing the rest areas would be more than offset by the increased revenue from the motorhoming tourist, but there didn't seem to be very much effort went into providing facilities for tourists. We found plenty of occasions where we were expected to pay plenty for not very much - but then I suppose the Kerry Ring has become a centre for exploitation, with all that that includes.
    Not that we didn't enjoy our time there, and we'd go again like a shot.
    We liked the Beara peninsula more that the Kerry peninsula - wilder and less spoilt by coach loads of tourist batting around the roads.
    Just our opinion of course.::bigsmile:


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