Air suspention on a Tag broken

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    I have a Dethleffs 2009 Tag Axel. Whilst I did not wish to fit air suspension I did so that I did not drag the rear end getting on and off ferries etc. I bought the Dunlop system for the Alko Chasis. Had it sent to me in Ireland from Mercle Leisure £1900 and had it fitted by Cara Motorhomes who did a lovely job around 300 euro. 2 months later whilst having it serviced by Cara. Both brackets on the two rear wheels of the Tagg were found to have split at the front top corners. So now here I am stuck between the two compaines. I believe now that the front wheels of a Tag axel take about 60 percent of the load and the rear 40. So fitting air suspension evens them out so the brackets for the rear wheels are taking more weight due to weaker standard suspension. This might explain why only the rear brackets have broken, any Ideas??? Has anyone else had any experience of this??
    So far both companies are being helpful I just hope it will last and they find a solution. I shall keep you posted.

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