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    I'm a little confused about Air Conditioning & Climate Control options in a Motorhome.

    From how I understand it (!!) a lot of them come with 'cab' air conditioning &/or climate control, but not so many with separate air con or climate control units for the 'Habitation' part of the motorhome. Can I assume that in a hot country the cab air-con alone isn't sufficient to cool a motorhome? Or is it something to do with vehicle battery vs. leisure battery for power supply to the unit(s) involved?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Cab Air-con or climate control is part of the base vehicle and will work only when the engine is running. No good if you are parked. As there are two of us, we have never noticed whether the habitation area gets too hot whilst travelling, but I would have thought it is possible to travel without any other system running.
    Habitation air-con units (either on the rooof or in a lower storage area for the newer units) mostly require 230V mains. Some can run on 12V at reduced capacity but will drain a battery very quickly. They are also quite expensive - £1,000 plus.
    Why not have a word with Eddie Vanbitz (Trade Funster) for an authoritative view on after-fit air-con units.
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