AHC: travelling with a dog to Greece and beyond after 01/01/21

Jul 4, 2017
Newton Stewart, UK
Funster No
Since 2000
The only border that I have ever been checked at for a dog was between Croatia and Slovenia and both were in the EU at the time. I didn't have one so have no idea what would have happened had they found a dog. On that occassion I was returning after working for the EU in Montenegro for 5 years. During that period I regularly drove in and out of the EU from Albania and Macedonia in a motorhome with a fully stocked fridge and no-one raised the issue of importing meat and milk. As a matter of interest it has ALWAYS been prohibited to import meat and milk products into Northern Ireland from GB and in my lifetime I have never been checked. It would seem that these regulations have never been enforced
The rules should be the same for EU citizens brining their dogs to the U.K. My husband was born in Belfast but it will cost us £100 plus for an AHC plus the worming treatment to visit his family. Could cause problems if we have to go in an emergency.