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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Jack the Rev, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I'm appealing to all Adria Vision owners for your help and expertise. I've got an Adria Vision i707SL motorhome and we hope to go to France in July. I require help with the following:

    1. As we intend to travel during night time, how can I convert the headlights for driving in France?

    2. I'm not sure what pressure to put in the tyres as different advice has been given to me.

    3. I've got a Honda Lead scoter and wondering if anyone else carries such a scooter in their van and if so how the strap it down?

    Thanks in anticipation for your help.

    Jack the Rev. :thumb:
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    I haven't got a Vision but I have the Adria Izola, for the head lights you can get beam benders that you stick on the lights. I use the Super Beam bender ones as they seem to be easiest to locate & work well.
    If you give Michelin a ring they can tell you what tyres pressures you need based on your axle weights which you can get off the plate probably mounted under the bonnet.

    Carrying a scooter :Eeek: what payload have you got & how heavy is the scooter? My Izola has a payload of about 850 kgs as I have the chassis plated at 3850 kgs. I considered the Vision but the payload was too small. What is it plated at, on the Renault chassis it can be uprated to a max of 3850 kgs without any modification.
    If your van is the garage version then there should be some 'D' rings on each side. I carry a Yamaha YBR125 motorbike in mine & use a couple of axle stands to rest it on then strap it down with 4 ratchet straps. I got the ratchet straps form Poundland, the straps themselves aren't that good but I had some decent webbing to use to replace them. I also use a few other straps from the center 'D' rings to hold the bike from moving sideways. I also fit a strap on the front brake lever to lock the front wheel.
    Done a couple of trips down to Spain & Portugal without any incidents with the bike.

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