ACSI on your mobile-automatically finds your nearest campsite : 9100 Campsites

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    May 26, 2008

    if you have a mobile phone with a built in GPS this is VERY useful if you want to find a local campsite in a hurry, works for the whole of Europe 9100 Campsites in 29 Countries.

    Type this into your phone internet browser and bookmark it, select ENGLISH from the drop down menu, the default language is dutch: or this is the ENGLISH link

    For example an iPhone will ask you if the website can use your current location, you click YES and the web site lists all the Camp Sites in your vicinity. It also works on phones without a GPS but you just need to enter your location manually. You can also click the link from a laptop.

    The web site can also be used in TEXT ONLY mode to keep roaming data charges to a minimum. The website inferface is designed to be used from a mobile phone with a small screen. Once you have found the campsite you want, use the GPS Coordinates listed on the web site to take you directly to the door.

    Its worth bookmarking it could help you one day.:thumb:

    I searched the forum and I doesn’t look like this has been mentioned.

    Or you can just use your ACSI Book or DVD of course :RollEyes: but we used this in Germany and it works a treat!

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