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    hi peoples,

    this is my first post, for a while ,so heregoes.

    thinking of buying a 2004 ace firenze , anybody with info on this model good or badplease feel free

    thanks for reading

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    I know nothing about the vehicle you mention but it may interest you to check the this link The Caravan Channel as it appears that the stopping of production of ACE motor homes may be on the cards, its the 3rd news item 11th Nov 2008 that is pertinent, not that this should make any real difference to your prospective purchase but I just thought i would mention it

    hope that helps

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    It's a very similar layout to our (older) Bessacarr and it works supremely well for us - two singles or massive double at the back, great lounging space by day, front dinette opposite kitchen is handy for meals (also makes smaller double or bid single) plus overcab double for sleeping in or storage. We use it mostly as a two-berth, but it's fine with four and OK for six at a pinch (as long as at least two are either children or smaller adults).

    Yes, Swift have announced they're no longer making any more Aces after the current orders are finished, but as you'll know if you follow this forum and the Motorhomefacts one, Swift provide truly excellent customer service so I don't think you need have any worries on that front.

    As it's based on the older Ducato, you won't have bother with a leaky bonnet or juddering clutch either.
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    north west
    ace firenze

    we had a swift sundance motorhome,the ace motorhomes are also made by swift.
    when we were on campsites ace motorhomes looked exactly the same and probably were.
    swift are an exellent company and you should have no problems with an ace.
    our sundance was exellent everything worked as it should and i can recommend them.
    let the force be with you

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