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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by peterspark, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. peterspark

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    hi as one one been to las dunas in l'escala near girona in spain ,
    what the temputer like this time of year end of may june many thanks
    peter :thumb:
  2. highwayman

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    Kent coast
    Hi Peter
    Havn't been to las-dunas, we go to camping-paradis which is just over the hill in montgo.
    The land-train stops right outside :thumb:
    The temp should be mid twentys, last year it was a lot lower but the year before a lot higher. Don't expect much sleep on the 23rd of june if you're still there, it's the festival of saint-joan = eat,drink and be merry and let-off fireworks all night..the louder the better :Eek!:

  3. peterspark

    peterspark Deleted User

    great thanks:thumb:
  4. evans88

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    South Devon
    In that part of Spain the weather is normally calm in the morning and windy in the afternoon. Last year the weather in that area at the end of May and early June was poor. There wasn't much sun to be had until later in June but that is unusual in my experience of camping in that area since 1984. You should definitely go.
  5. Jim

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    Sutton on Sea
    Las Dunas is a great campsite, its BIG but all the pitches are a good size, you are right on the beach with good facilities. As for the weather, who knows. I was nearby one March and it was so hot you just couldn't walk on the sand. I have been there in August shivering on the beach as the sea mist rolled in every morning for almost a week! In June, you have a great chance to get good weather, and when it is good it is VERY good, no mossies and its a nice dry heat that makes a glass or two of San Miguel go down far to easily. Have Fun:thumb:
  6. dazzaandjay

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    Sahorre, South France

    we live just over the border near perpignan, travel down to girona and area a lot. weather at this moment in time is mid to high 20's in the shade!, in the sun its mid 30's, it will seriously burn your skin off with a low spring sun, glorious weather at the moment, its not rained where we are in over a month, although thats quite typical as it does not rain a lot.

    Its still chilly at night!

    It is normally calm in the morning and a breeze picks up in the afternoon that normally dies off in the early evening.

    Weather can change very quickly here as we are not in the gulf stream.

    May last year rained every single day... poured down, but then it has to rain at some time.

    Have a look for webcams etc in girona to see the blue skies :)

    Warm regards

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