Ablemail and high parasitic battery drain (1 Viewer)


Nov 17, 2013
Edinburgh United Kingdom
Funster No
Wildax Elara
since 2004
Our Mercedes based Wildax Elara has always suffered from high parasitic drain from the vehicle, a result of the alarm, tracker, electronic handbrake and that the Mercedes regularly “switches on” systems to see that all is well, when it does this it triggers on the VB air suspension which also checks itself out, net result of all of this is high drainage over a week of storage!

The conversion also has a bit of drain from the Votronic display, the inet which is constantly on, seems to be about 0.1amp, but again it all adds up over a weeks storage.

When we have sunshine all is fine, our 120w panel keeps everything charged up, but here in Edinburgh over the winter, our solar is practically useless most of the time. The net result of all this was our vehicle battery was down at 12.0v after about 10/12 days and required a 25 mile drive to recharge again.

I wanted to be able, when necessary to leave the van in storage for 3 weeks and not have to worry about it not starting. Enter the Ablemail battery maintainer, we have 200amp of lithium so wanted a maintainer that was designed to work with a combination of lithium/smart alternator/lead acid vehicle which it does. As I mentioned on another thread the owner is very helpful, he changed the programming on mine to suit my particular storage requirements as well as normal charging from solar etc.

As with all things it’s a compromise, how soon to have the lithium kick in to charge the vehicle without discharging the lithium too much over a 3 week period. I went with it triggering at 12.1v on the vehicle, so about 50%, and then to be trickle charged and maintained at about 12.2v.

So, how has it worked? Well we have been away over Xmas and New Year, just over 3 weeks since Van was last driven, I could see from my tracker that the Ablemail started trickle charging on day 12 and has continued constantly since then. Just went over today, lithium was at 57%, 115 amps, and the vehicle battery at 12.2v, all readings taken from the Votronic display. Van started first time, hurrah! Feels like I could, if required, leave it for4/6 weeks in the worst of conditions.

Have also installed a lithium charger for when required, the cbe is now only used for the vehicle battery, intent to give it a good charge once a month when on hook up.

At last, I now have confidence in all my charging, especially that blooming Mercedes battery! Oh and for total backup I’ve got a ctek maintainer/charger that I can connect through my inverter and lithium if the worst should happen!


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