A LUXURY motorhome on display at last weekend's Sunshine Coast Home Show was damaged

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    A LUXURY motorhome on display at last weekend's Sunshine Coast Home Show was damaged in a freak accident yesterday.

    The motorhome rolled from a driveway in Arthur St, Caloundra, and toppled on to its side on top of a fence.

    The accident capped off a shocker 24-hour run for the vehicle's owner, James Boccabella.

    Mr Boccabella, who has refitted the motorhome for sale, scored a flat tyre while driving his car from Brisbane to the home show at Nambour on Sunday morning.

    The motorhome then got a flat as it was being driven from the home show to its temporary storage at Caloundra on Sunday evening.

    It had just been parked in the drive way at Arthur St, Caloundra, yesterday morning when it began to roll.

    Mr Boccabella said his friend Vin Boyle had been chocking the wheels when it began to move.

    "He thought I was in it. He called out, 'Hey, what are you doing?' " Mr Boccabella said.

    Mr Boccabella, who had already left for the return trip to Brisbane, was 4km away when he received a call to say the motorhome had been in an accident.

    He still had not seen the damage last night but understood that it was minor and would be easily repaired.

    The motorhome was not insured because of its temporary registration status, he said.

    Mr Boccabella said he had been told that the motorhome had almost stopped upright on a gutter but had just enough momentum to carry it over the concrete and then it fell over.

    He could not believe his bad luck.

    "I must have run over 10 black cats or something," he said.

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    Well as usual "The damage was minor" until the recovery company arrived and put the strap round it.:Doh:
    Reminds me of the truck driver who tipped his truck on its side and when he phoned his boss to tell him, said there was slight damage, he had bent the mirror arm the boss said well straighten it,he said I cant the trucks lying on it..:ROFLMAO:
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