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    After our somewhat crumpled end to 2011 we collected our replacement motorhome on February 3rd, having been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to buy a Burstner rather than having to settle for a Rapido ::bigsmile:

    First job was to have a solar panel & Alugas fitted so a week and a half later we were off to Telford for a couple of nights to have the jobs done by Dave Newell.

    We had the opportunity to try out the panel and living off hook-up in the van for the first time on the last weekend in February when we had 3 nights at Drax with the C&CC. We had been little apprehensive about blown air only heating but both the panel and the gas usage proved to be a success.

    A month later saw us at Eden Camp with Fun, on the way to which we found that the van is perfectly capable of climbing the steepest hill in Bilsdale in first gear behind a tractor.
    At Easter we were in Chester with Fun again, our first trip where the weather was less than kind to us at times, but not as bad as our next trip.

    We had planned to go to Holmfirth with the C&CC for a few days, then on to a THS at Epworth before moving to sunny Peterborough for the show. Unfortunately there was an accident on the A1 just about the time we set off. Garmin traffic service told us it was only a 7 minute delay so we weren't worried – but a bit less amused to be held up on the A168 for four hours when the A1 was closed completely. We arrived at Holmfirth in the dark and rain at about 7:30pm to find only two other vans there, they having had to be towed onto the field. Luckily the steward was very helpful and directed us to a small patch of hard standing for the night. No matter we thought, just off to Epworth a couple of days early – and a pleasant stay we had as well. Some heavy showers but some nice sun as well. The day dawned for going to Peterborough (well, it would have dawned if we could have seen through the rain :Smile:). Perhaps the least said about Peterborough the better but, looking back, it was the only place we stayed where the rain got the better of us :Smile:

    The end of May was totally different. We had four days at the CC site in Blackpool (where we had arranged to meet some friends) and then went on to Gargrave for another four days with the C&CC. Eight days of lovely sun.

    Stratford racecourse with Fun was the next destination, followed by THSs at Abergele & York. A mixed bunch of sun and rain but not enough of the latter to spoil anything for us.

    We had booked with Fun for Saltfleet in August and decided to break our journey by staying a couple of days each at THSs at Whitby and Fraisthorpe where we enjoyed plenty of sun with only the occasional shower.

    At the beginning of September we managed a few days at another THS at Seaburn before rounding off the month at the Lincoln show with a night at Market Rasen THS to break the journey.

    Building work then got in the way but we did manage a weekend with the C&CC at Rufforth at the end of November/beginning of December.

    So despite the generally wet summer we managed to enjoy, on balance, more sun than rain and proved that an 80w solar panel combined with sensible use of an 85Ah battery is perfectly adequate for extended stays.

    Roll on 2013. We're already looking at the C&CC THS list for, hopefully, more extended trips.
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