A little project for dark winter evenings (sad or what)

Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by hogan, Feb 18, 2008.

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    First I must tell you that I am a complete klutz when it comes to computers and tech things.But I did this with no problems.If you want to change the blue arrow symbol on your older tom tom go to this site
    Car Symbol For All Models - yourNAV | Forum
    and follow the instructions its dead simple honest.then go to this site
    and down load the motorhome symbol I think it is near the bottom.It will come as a J.P.G file.open the file with photoshop and convert to a B.M.P file then follow instructions.I have read that you can even take a pic of your own motorhome and use it as your tom tom car symbol ( I MUST GET OUT MORE )

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