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    Nov 2, 2012
    Ok Ive done something very wrong or its just a coincident, I have extended the ' Mains' system in the MH mainly to create different locations for the socket outlets, not to have more devices..tested said work with polarity tester etc, etc everything just fine.
    I at the same time I extended the 12vlt system with the HELLA type single pole wall outlets and there's the problem...is there a special way the sockets and plugs must be wired as there is no indication which spade terminals are positive or negative ??..Voltmeter indicates all three new outlets 13.8 volts.
    I also changed the 'Cigar lighter' type plug on the TV 12vlt power supply cable (used when no mains supply is available) wired that in the HELLA plug using the striped section of the cable to the centre pin...connected to the TV and nothing and now the TV doesn't work at all...I noticed that the HELLA plugs have 8AMP fuse's whereas the TV spec shows 12volt/3amp...good advice would be most wellcome:Sad::Sad:
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    If you mean the plugs/sockets similar to the cigar lighter ones then the end terminal is positive and the side terminal negative (just as with the cigar lighter ones).
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    Sep 26, 2008
    Oddly, you can get away with mains sockets wired back to front ( not in safely you understand, merely in the fact you will not blow anything up you plug in ! )

    BUT !!

    Wire a 12 socket back to front and 99% of stuff you are likely to plug in will be polarity concious and will be very unhappy at being connected backwards !


    Instead of using the voltage indicator, use the resistance side of the meter and check which spade connector is connected to the centre pin in the socket.
    Connect the red, or positive, feed to that and the black or negative feed wire to the remaining spade :thumb:
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    set the meter to ohms or continuity.

    inside the socket there is a brass/copper sleeve round the inside and a plate or blunt pin in the centre.

    touch one of the probes to the sleeve and the other to one or the other of the terminals in the wiring side.

    when you get a reading that is the earth terminal

    they are fiddly to wire.

    on the plug, touch a probe to the brass/copper sleeve or blades around the outside and one of the terminals in the wiring side.

    when you get a reading that is the earth.

    get bit wrong and whatever electronic gadget you plug in is destined to the bin.

    lights will light and motors will turn but most TV's will die....instantly :Sad:

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