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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Forestboy, Aug 27, 2011.

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    We all post complaints about bad companies and bad service so I thought I'd praise a company for a change.:winky:

    Took the van for mot yesterday sailed through very cheap and easy no problems. So drive home get ready to leave for a months trip starting next week. Reverse into drive at home BANG hit the bloody gatepost busted rearlight what a plonker.:cry:

    So on the phone to Hymer lots of sucking of teeth and sharp intakes of breath from them, "these lights are really difficult to get, very expensive" all the usual crap that leads up to them ripping you off. Eventually get to the price £200-00 approx on back order and needs to be fitted by a qualified engineer. So I declined their kind offer and got the gaffa tape out and bodged it back together.

    Later on I searched the internet with the name and part no. from the light and found a company in Hull selling the lights fro £35.00 plus pp. Gave them a ring at 11.35 yesterday they said "no problem really common part got loads in stock can get it to you tomorrow am" The part arrived this morning took 2 minutes to fit and was even supplied with bulbs and fitting screws.

    Fantastic service, good price, and really nice people what a change eh!!!:thumb:

    This is the company
    Caravan Components
    Carafax Ltd, Rotterdam Road, Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, Hull, Yorkshire, HU7 0XD, United Kingdom
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    Thanks for that informative and useful post...

    I am sure most companies offer good service... it seems to me that is not in as many people's nature to praise as it is to complain...

    JJ :Cool:

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