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Dec 25, 2013
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Hi just wondering if anyone tows a BMW mini cooper,my wife loves the car and it not keen to change it.I am not going to take it every time just odd occasions.My MH is on Ductao Maxi chassis
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You will need to check it will not exceed the train weight of your towing vehicle.
On the rating plate of the motorhome should be four numbers. The biggest is the train weight and the next biggest the MGW.
Subtract the MGW from the train weight and that will give you the maximum you can tow. Then check the rating plate on the mini and make sure the MGW on that is not greater than the figure you calculated above. If it is you can't tow it, but if it's less then it's possible.
Sep 10, 2013
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You'll also need to check with BMW technical, to see if it is suitable for flat towing.
I was looking at doing the same and was to purchase a Toyota Yaris. I'd even paid a deposit at a dealership. A friend of mine who works AA breakdown said he had seen a record that stated they must not be flat towed under any circumstances. I checked with a local dealer who said they'd never heard of such a thing, plenty of people towed them. After explaining what I had been told, the dealer checked with Toyota Technical, they confirmed they must never be flat towed.
It is therefore worth a call as should there be any problems with flat towing that BMW advise against or prohibit, then I'm sure your insurance would only be too happy make the call, quote it and riddle out of any payout should the unfortunate thing happen.
As far as I know there can be a number of mechanical and/or structural reasons why a particular vehicle is not suitable. Its therefore in your own interest to check manufacturers technical department as I'm sure a dealer won't step in to pay up due to incorrect advice as I could have found.
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