A Frame Spain, Spanish police post the regs.

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    Copied from FB :)(y) just cannot leave A Frames alone :D

    A - Frame. Forbidden in Spain.

    If you have a motorhome and you want to carry your car to Spain, remember that A-Frames are forbidden in Spain, you will need a trailer to carry your car.

    and..if I am on holiday in Spain with a motorhome with foreigner plate number, Can I use it?

    Not, the law is applied to all vehicles who drive on Spanish roads, because the law who legislates this matter is the "Reglamento General de Circulación", so all vehicles who are in Spain have to follow this rule.


    INSTRUCTION 08/V-74.- Motorhome towing a Car.


    Very often, motorhomes carry auxiliary vehicles, usually bicycles, a moped or small motorcycle. This practice is authorized provided an approved bicycle rack or a platform for this purpose and, when projecting out from the usual characteristics of the motorhome, the following requirements as provided in Article 15 of the Reglamento General de Circulación are met.

    Protruding from motorhome at the back, up to 10% of its length and if one vehicle (indivisible load), 15%. That all appropriate precautions are taken to prevent damage or danger to other users of public roads and should have extremities protected lessen the effects of a possible friction or shock.

    The protrusion must be signalled by the V-20 sign as per Article 173 and whose characteristics are set out in Annex XI of the Reglamento General de Vehículos. This sign is placed at the rear end of the load so that it is constantly perpendicular to the vehicle axis.

    Following frequent questions regarding the possibility of a motorhome towing a car, this possibility is prohibited in Article 9.3 of the Reglamento General de Vehículos whic prohibits the movement of a motor vehicle towing another, unless there is an immediate risk of damage or injury and it cannot be dragged by another specifically for that purpose, in which case it is allowed only to the nearest place where it will not hinder traffic movement and provided that it is not on a motorway.

    Notwithstanding the points already mentioned, a combination of vehicles consisting of a motor and a trailer or semitrailer on which another vehicle can be transported is permitted if the set qualifies for driving on public roads and is approved to Directives 70/156/CEE and 94/20/CEE and they do not exceed the maximum length allowed for these sets which is 18.75 meters and 16.50 meters in the case of a semi-trailer.

    Here you can read the Instruction 08/V-74 directly from our website:


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