A dimly lit bright spark!


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Apr 1, 2014
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Taken the old girl out for a run to the seaside.

Lovely campsite Ah! soaps she cried, so! bear with me, we are in the UK.

I set about fixing up the sat dish no signal for SKY, sideways glances and gritted teeth in my direction, Hot Bird? No, not Mrs Captain, the satellite plenty of signal and lots of foreign chat, still sideways glances.
Meanwhile our friends call by to visit us at the campsite they have been in Spain for the winter, our first meet up for a year,we didn't get to do our normal meet up in France this year!
Peter our friend on hearing my woes of discontent in the Motorhome about the not so Hot Bird! Said, whilst pointing to a huge television mast a mile away on top of the hill. "why don't you put up your Aerial ?" What aerial" I said, running for cover from the blowing her top hot bird!. "That's bright she shouted"

Moral of the story when in England always carry a Aerial if you haven't got a fixed one!:Sad:

Shuuuuuuuush! don't yer just love it when a plan comes together! No soaps....::bigsmile:

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