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    Oct 7, 2008
    Hi.......... I have just noticed that they have a new tariff on the orange web site in France for Data/internet / mobile use / dongle type (not mobile phone) (improved tariff, not good but better, still not like the UK) if I am reading the new tariff correct...it is a 12 month contract tariff......with 1 euro for a key /dongle,
    this is what I believe
    Mo....is megabytes
    Go.... is gigabytes

    We think the wife and myself, it is 15 euros for a month, with a contract for 12 months...you buy a mobicarte and orange deducts from that mobicarte 15 euros each month (?? I think) so you must always have at least 15 euros left in your account at the end of every month(or have I got it all wrong)....the reason I say this is, we have a Leclerc mobile sim includes data and that works like I have just explained, you top up the Leclerc sim to use your phone and Leclerc deduct 1.50 euros every month for the tariff so must always have at least 1.50 euros left in your account for when they deduct at the end of the month.

    The leclerc (supermarket) is the cheapest sim we have found in France up to press, you can top up on line. Cheaper calls and cheaper a month, if anybody is interested

    Click on to this link below


    then on the page click half way down on the MAITRISER MON BUDGET 9.90 EUROS


    (If anybody knows what I am saying is wrong please tell me)

    (I will keep looking for better offers)

    Frankie...maybe if you have the time, would you/could you look at the orange site and explain what they are saying...............it is when they get into the technical side of French it becomes a problem what they are really saying................Mel

    Maybe you have already seen this info maybe not


    8 hours surfing + 200emails + photos + 20 hours Chat...
    (400 megaoctets = 200 7/7 24h/24...and 200 weekend and Holidays)...15 euros a month
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