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    Looking at RAC insurance wife talking to them they explained that the reason most companies only do breakdown cover for 90 days is that after that time you are classed as having exported the vehicle is there any truth in this if so I guess its ignored

    Apologies for all boring Insurance stuff just sorting we have found Comfort insurance and another mob that do up to 8 months Both wanting to sell you the full insurance package. However already got that with Saga. There weight limit on breakdown is to low for us.

    We want to take the van to south of France, leave it Fly out for 4 weeks fly back south of Spain same routine then back and across to Morocco before finally bringing it back to UK (I work 4 weeks on 4 weeks off) I know I have to sort out storage insurance as well still looking.

    Dave S
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    Cant help with the 90 rule but it's no issue with Safeguard or comfort as they give a 365 day cover, also breakdown no issue and they cover vans over 3500kg.

    Good luck with storage cover but I dont think you have any chance of getting that when leaving it abroad... !!! :Doh:
    Usually you can only be away from the vehicle for something like 36 hours when not in the UK. I have left mine several times but it's a gamble....:Eeek:
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    That's not true - you can take your vehicle abroad for upto 12 months with no problem:

    You can also read the requirements on operating a Foreign registered vehicle in the UK and assume that similar requirements are made of you using your UK registered vehicle while say in France etc: https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/temporary-imports

    I thought that Comfort did 365 day cover. I'm with Safeguard and they certainly do - along with breadown cover.

    One point to note, however, check that Safeguard insure your vehicle if you leave the country (eg fly home). I know when we left our van in Helsinki when we went to St Petersberg because the van was unattended and we had left the country technically it wasn't insured for that time.

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