6 weeks in 4.8m van over already! :( (1 Viewer)

Jul 28, 2008
Wiltshire, UK
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Not to worry. Another 6-8 weeks starting in 10 days! :eek:

The trip was Holland and North Germany, all details on Do Your Dream!! and off the menus. For anyone interested there are rough maps of where we went - any questions ask. Also - there is a full cost breakdown as this is an area we had no idea on - so we've split it down for anyone interested. For what its worth - we did everything we wanted (but were careful) and still came out under budget.

Anyway - we've uploaded pics (on menu) via (free) Google Picassa - and we're well chuffed with it. The geotagging is as rough or accurate as you want it and the fact we did it means we will always remember where we were!! Recommend Picassa to everyone!!!

The pages are for our personal diary as there isn't a hope in hell of us remembering - even now we don't know where we were last week!!

Hope some of you find it enjoyable - and feel free to click a google ad - may get enough p's to fill up with diesel :)


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