5th wheel and RV's and general waffle

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by jomel, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. jomel


    Jul 31, 2009
    Clevedon, Bristol
    Left dog in company of daughter and set off to view more motorhomes and RV's today.
    We looked at a 5th wheel again and wow! you get a lot for your money, well, without towing vehicle.
    In a way I wish we hadnt ha ha as it has given us more food for thought. We are making ourselves dizzy with it all.:Eeek:
    So 1 spacious motorhome? able to tour lots and move on and go where we like?
    Smallish RV with slide out? and LPG?
    I really liked the look of a Coachmen Leprachaun as it looked smaller than other RV's. It was sold however. Anyway, as it turned out it was bigger than a Damon by a foot or so. Also although the price seemed amazing there was VAT to go on at one place we went to and they were 2nd hand. I thought VAT was only put on new uns?
    We are looking more towards a spacious motorhome with LPG but havent seen anything that compares to the RV,s.
    Why havent the European motorhome company's designed slideout vans? they seem so cramped in comparison and why is there nothing in between? Sorry bit of a whinge there,:Blush:
    Back to the drawing board and writing down exactly what we want and why, eeeesh! 'oh give me a home ah where the buffalo roam ah'
  2. Ant&Debs


    Jun 24, 2009
    5th wheel and RV general waffle

    Hi Jomel

    We were also in the same boat! RV or 5th Wheel. We are going on our travels at the end of the year, we spent much time driving to RV dealers and all the 5th Wheel dealers in the UK.

    We worked out what we needed and what we wanted from out travels and also how expensive RV's are. The biggest concern was that for £40,000.00 plus your gonna get an oldish! RV and travel through Mont Blanc etc you need to have a euro 3 engine and Large Vehicles over 10 years old are banned.

    In the end we chose to import a brand new ForestRiver Wildcat 31THSB Toyhauler from USA and a US Tow Pickup. The reason for a garage allows us to put 2 x roadlegal quadbikes plus 2 x sit on canoes.

    You will know when you have made the right choice as it smacks you in the head:ROFLMAO:.

    We spent sleepless nights searching the internet for all possible solutions.

    Good Luck


    Tony & Debbie

    PS Try www.crosscountryuk.net
  3. GIBLA53


    Jul 26, 2009

    Referring to Fifth Wheelers dont know if you are aware of the 5th Wheeler Company based in N.Wales they make a European size 5th Wheeler with slideouts they allow customisation and are really well built and exceptionally luxurious if pricey . As stated when you read any of the threads in detail there are some knowledgable people on these forums ever ready to give some excellent advice me i'm a novice poster but have had 3 motorhomes and currently a Calder KountryLite which was far more cost effective than the one i mentioned above but we all are so different in what we need . My advice look and look until you are totally convinced its right for you dont rush at all into expensive mistakes my record of 4 units in 6-7 years is not good but is easily topped by a good friend of mine 20 in 20 ----thats very silly!!!! Alan hi and welcome :thumb:
  4. Larrynwin

    Larrynwin Funster

    Feb 22, 2008
    Hi Jomel we are looking to downsize to about 28ft and after looking far and wide we will be getting another RV, the euros just don't have the space

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