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    attempting to make 12v lead for van. Have bought hella plug for one end and 4 pin din plug for telly connection...now how do i wire it up to make connection work. Things like which pin is live whis is neutral..what about the other 2 pins...on the hella plug is the centre live?
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    center pin on the hella is live.

    the four pin plug is more of a problem.
    usually there are two live and two earths but the configuration could change from tv to tv.

    first of all try the plug in the tv.....some plugs have off-set pins...some have symetrical pins.

    you obviously have the mains power supply so using an LCD multi/volt meter connect to two of the holes in the plug of the mains lead. two of the same polarity, either earth or live, and the meter wont show any voltage.

    when you get a reading note that the meter is reading positive....negative will show a minus sign before the numbers. if it does then simply swap the probes.

    leave the earth probe connected and find the second live then move the earth probe to find the second earth.

    make a clear note of each as you go along.

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