3 way fridge help !

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Jun 2, 2014
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Got a problem with my Hymer B564 fridge ( mod No. RM6401L type C40/110) recently been away in the Orkney isles and went without hookup so put fridge onto gas but instead of the igniter flashing until it was alight the igniter kept on clicking and flashing in the window at the top RH corner of the fridge. I had to get the assistance of a local gas engineer who was very good but not totally savvy of the operation of gas fridges, but he discovered that the burner was on but the igniter kept on trying to ignite. I did a qiuck fix by pulling the fuse on the ingiter circuit which also carried a number of other jobs one of which was the hob ignition which we could live with, but as soon as i refitted the fuse the igniter started flashing and clicking, the fridge ran fine on gas but each time I had to pull the fuse to stop the igniter working. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix the problem or advice on how to remedy the problem it does sound like a relay or something like that sticking, many thanks on a a brilliant web site just getting into it.

Regards Theiceman :thumb: