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Discussion in 'Web Connections' started by Stewart J, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Have had a 3 monthly data sim deal with 3 now for 18 months paying £15 per month for 10 gb on a month to month deal, recently whilst in Spain and France on their feel at home it really paid for itself.

    My Mifi unit is now 3 years old and not 4g so while shopping in Carlisle on Friday popped into their shop to see if any deals on a new mifi, there were none I was offered a month to month upgrade of 15gb for £18 per month or if I tied into a 24 month contract I could have a brand new 4g mifi (an E 5573) and 15gb data per month for £19 per month.

    Had a think over lunch and decided to go for it seems an excellent deal for us others may disagree, whilst in France we did almost use our monthly data quota, seems to go faster than when in UK.

    So for anyone thinking of taking the plunge and visiting the Feel at Home countries it might also be of interest, there are also different monthly gb bundles check out their website.

    I am just passing on my (stress my) viewpoint here and have no connection other than as a customer. I would also say 3 coverage especially up here on the Northern Frontier and Scotland is good compared to other providers.
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