2016 Leisure-Treka EB

Mar 6, 2008
Funster No
Van Conversion
Since 2006
We bought this Leisure-Treka last year from the now defunct Becks Motoerhomes in February. We had 2 modifications fitted, a sliding door flyscreen (brilliant) and a turbo-fan over the kitchen replacing a standard ceiling vent)But because of covid we were unable to pick it up until July We have discovered a number of problems with it before we could go away in it.
The water pump wouldn't pump water when the fresh water tank was 25% full (still not solved), the bathroom cabinet had bits missing and the mirror doors would not keep closed causing them to bang when the van was in motion. Becks paid for a replacement bought from Moto-Trek . They also repaired a developing crack in the shower tray.
Becks motorhomes have been brilliant and their demise has been a bitter blow.
In late July we set off for Romania and had a brilliant holiday for 2 moths but we had to leave a bit too soon as Hungary had said they were closing the borders to all foriegners, so we had to get out fast. Romania is beautiful,but the drivers are homocidel maniacs!! Anyway we managed to get through Hungary only to find out they opened an escape route for foreigners later, grr!! During our time in Romania the rear run of roof lockers came loose. Indeed I had to carry out a temporary repair as it looked like they were in imminent danger of crashing onto the cooker.
Back home we had to take the 'van to Moto-Trek for other repairs. I had discovered the toilet was only secured by mastic, there was no mechanical fixings at all!! Becks could have done the repair but I wanted Moto-Trek to do it, for free including the roof lockers! Which they did.They also repaired water leaks in the heki and a smaller one in the washroom which Bescks (bless them) paid for.
Another problem that has reared its head concerns the "boot" hatch. Moto-Trek did away with the rear doors and replaced them with sn aluminium panel and a boot flap.
A good idea but very poorly executed on ours any way.Every time it rains the "flap" gets wet.The seals are way past their best and is allowing water into the fabric of the flap and i suspect the lower part of the aluminium panel. I have discovered rusty screws in the area of the large hinge which drips water when the flap is open I would really have preferred to take the 'van back to Moto-Trek to have them repair it but obviously lock-down prevents this. Instead I ordered a modified seal from them to replace the completely useless ones (the seal now does the for the 3 sides of the flap.
However, I decided to check how far the water had penetrated the flap amd I was horrified to discover that not only had water damaged the ply board covering the inside of the flap covered with a grey stretch fabric but water had penetrated the screw holes securing the long hinge to the flap. This had rotted the ply strip used to secure the hinge to the flap.
I probably should not have stripped all this out but the amount of water damage made the job bigger than I had realised. I now have decided to fit a marine ply board and cover that with wheat coloured stretch fabric.To fit the replacement wood strip damaged by the water ingress I will have to remove the flap which I am hoping does not weigh too much! Weather and availability of the marine ply board will dictate when we can do it.
On a more positive note I took the 'van to our local Peugeot commercial van dealer for servicing. They made a very good job of it and also emailed a safety inspection video to me. However, its not cheap £600+!! I wont be doing that again.
The 'van drives very well if a bit noisy on start-up (Ford Transit engine) but quietens down when it warms up.The 150 bhp engine gives it some oomph!! Moto-Trek replace the stardard front seats with leather clad Isri? items which have attached seat belts.These take some getting used to as they are a bit too close to your kneck My wife who is only 5ft 2inches complains the seat belt rubs her kneck so needs a sort of (glove) that prevents kneck chafe!
The engine as some people know carries out regeneration to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) but when that happens is a complete mystery as there are no warnings until it can't do it.
On the plus side it is very well specced and comfortable to sit in and for sleeping. The 'fridge is a bit small but as the EU does not allow fruit meat and dairy to be imported it could turn out to be big enough.