2001 2.8hdi limp mode. (1 Viewer)


Oct 22, 2019
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2001 Pilote 270
Since 2004
My 2001 Boxer with the 2.8Hdi engine has started going into limp mode, red 'injector' light on, loss of power. This happens at random, lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes. Otherwise the motor runs really well, can handle most motorway hills in top gear.
Being a 2001 model it does not have a full OBD11 port, only the 2 wire K-line system. I have an adapter to OBD11 but cannot get any sensible readings. I tried an Ebay Lexia without success so sent it back. Trying to think logically I assume the minimum signals the ECU needs is RPM/crank position, throttle, temperature and manifold pressure/airflow. As the engine still runs smoothly in limp mode I assume there is no misfire so suspect either a bad throttle position indicator or something to do with the airflow, turbo waste gate sticking or bad manifold air pressure sensor.
i assume the crank position sensor is OK as no misfire.
Engine hot or cold seems to make little difference.
Anyone got any ideas?

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