12 volt systems failed

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    A long saga, please read if you have a spare 10 minutes.

    Collected the van from 4 days storage on Friday to find no 12 volt power and the step not working, checked the solar regulator and no LEDs were lit. We had been in this situation previously (zero volts and no step) Marquis said that was due to a blown fuse so I checked all the fuses but they were fine.

    So I phoned Marquis to see if they could have a quick look because we were meant to be heading off for a long weekend, they said that the battery must be flat due to being off EHU for a week (uh?), I explained that we had a solar panel fitted since the last time it happened and I didn't see how the battery could possibly go from full to zero in 4 days. They said they were fully booked but would be able to check the battery if we popped in. However, since we were going to be on hook-up for the weekend we agreed to leave it until we return from York.

    Anyway, as soon as we arrived at the campsite on Friday I connected the EHU, all 240v systems came on but no 12v equipment. Battery indicator didn't budge from 0v, step didn't work, no hab lighting or 12v sockets and no indicators on the solar regulator lit. So, back on the phone to Marquis and all fuses checked again. Their conclusion was that something has failed in the power unit and I'd need to get a new one. Without going into all the details this was something I did't want to hear; the weekend was meant to be a relaxing break for me - I'm currently signed off work with stress, depression and anxiety.

    It was too late to think about heading home so we started planning the best way to spend the evening, the site owners are a great couple and they offered us some desk lamps and an electric heater. However, after about 15 minutes the 12v system came back to life - the meter reading over 13v, all lighting etc working, LEDs on solar all showing normal operation. Still no step working though.

    Partly due to the bad weather we cut the weekend short and returned home today, after disconnecting the EHU all 12v systems remained in operation (not the step of course) and we took the van back to storage where, upon checking, all 12v systems were dead again!

    Does this sound like a dead battery or something else?
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    Sounds like a common earth fault.

    Check the battery terminals for tightness and cleanliness.
    Check any other terminals on control panel etc for the same.

    Main concern would be battery neg terminal or chassis earth.

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