10 best Motor home uses for baking soda.

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by scotjimland, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Copied from an RV site.. don't shoot the messenger :roflmto:

    1. Open a box and put it in your refrigerator to keep it smelling clean and if you are in a high humidity area, it will absorb moisture. When traveling, use some duct tape to seal the box until you are at your next stop.

    2. Run out of toothpaste? Baking soda and water make a great paste and it also is good for the digestive system, especially if you had spicy food.

    3. When you vacuum your carpets in the RV, sprinkle some on the carpet before you vacuum. It will help lift out the dirt and leave a great fresh smell.

    4. Baking soda can be a non-scratching cleaner and will not harm your counter tops etc. Sprinkle some on a wet sponge and watch it clean without scratching.

    5. Baking soda is a great ant deterrent. Place by entry points and/or in strategic places within the RV to keep these pesky critters out.

    6. Make a solution of water and baking soda and then boil in your microwave oven. Now cleaning your microwave oven will be a breeze and requires no heavy scrubbing. It will also deodorize your microwave oven.

    7. If you have a blocked drain you can put a solution of dissolved baking soda down the drain followed by some boiling water for a clean and “green” way to clear the drain.

    8. Keep a BIG box handy in the kitchen for grease fires. Never use water on a grease fire, use baking soda to put out. Take my word on this one and don’t try it to see if it really works.

    9. Travel with pets? You can cover a pet accident with baking soda and let dry, then vacuum. If you have a cat, use baking soda in the litter box to have effective odor control

    10. Mix some baking soda with water and use to clean chrome surfaces. When the mix dries, just buff clean and your chrome will shine like new.
  2. N Luyetund

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    Going to try that boil in the microwave.... I incinerated a paratha in mine an it don't arf pen!
  3. madbluemad

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Re Number 5. When we were in Spain last year everybody had some white powder spread around the perimeter of their pitch.

    Could this have been baking powder or some other insect repellent ?

  4. Scout

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    Apr 4, 2009
    does this also work with geckos, some of my males a real stinkers:Eeek:
  5. nozzmoking


    Jul 31, 2008
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    So I boil the cat in the microwave, and then cover with baking soda for an hour before cleaning the carpet?

    Sounds good. I'll try this tonight. :thumb:::bigsmile:

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