Sully sur Loire
Sully sur Loire

Sully sur Loire

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A very well used aire with lots of space alongside La Loire and crawling distance of the chateau with classic moat.
The aire has 2 areas, the second one is sort of an overflow with park where you can/want attitude and this is to be used if the first one is full or you dont fancy driving the gauntlet of through some rather large specifically spaced rocks which will have caught some out. Personally speaking never had a problem with our 7 metre van and have seen larger go through there (there...
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We have used this aire twice and recommend it. 15 minutes pleasant stroll to the chateau and another 5 into the town.
Loved it here couple of ways into town we opted for the river as it was very hot and there was a bit of shade from the trees, Sat in local cafe watching some very artistic roofing. Its quite upmarket as even the ducks have their own houses.

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