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A town built around a rock face with Roman Catholic significance in that it is on some form of pilgrims path, but you may have gathered I dont know much about that, but really like this place with its narrow streets.
It is steep, very steep and this needs consideration before going though there is a lift to get down.
At times where we have been there it has been free but dusty with no facilities
Going for a beer and watching the sunset is well worthy at the bar from where one of the photos...
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A friend of mine has a campsite near there and we have visited and loved it. When it's possible we want to go back.
Great place to visit ,there are a couple of parks but would think they will soon get very busy. Nice steady walk down the steps but it has to be bus or lift back up unless you are super fit , bit disappointed when lift stopped half way up and you had to pay again in the next lift to get you to the top.
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