Cerisy la Forêt, Normandy
Cerisy la Forêt, Normandy

Cerisy la Forêt, Normandy

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9ACB256B-4021-4ACC-ADA4-AEEB9700C7B9.jpeg T 9ACB256B-4021-4ACC-ADA4-AEEB9700C7B9.jpeg 9ACB256B-4021-4ACC-ADA4-AEEB9700C7B9.jpeg E9790AFB-0787-47E4-85A9-0B777A7CDB69.jpeg This aire is about 20 miles due west of Caen, close to the edge of a village. There are no facilities; it is very quiet. The two interesting things are the Abbaye, which may...
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I said there were no facilities, but i can see a bourne on the left side of the picture! I was going to say it was put there after we visited but that’s my wife; how did she get there without me? She did have a weekend away!🤔
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