Bergues aire
Bergues aire

Bergues aire

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Another aire which is good for first/last night.
Its on a dusty cindery surface so not taking your shoes into your van is recommended
No facilities, plenty of space, we have never had a problem but i ave read a couple of times it was full but it must take 40 vans
Ramparted moated town which is a nice walk and they do play archery on the field (safely)
Far enough out of the way from Calais and Dunkirk not to get immigrant problems and about 35 mins to tunnel.

If continuing past Lille it...
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I always use it going & coming. Never really seen it anything other than full. Ideal for walks with dogs around outside of the walls & around the allotments.
10 minute run straight in to Dunkirk for ferry.
Be aware that the town has its 'car boot' , Brocante on the middle weekend in May & you will find the road just up from the entrance sealed at both ends with artics & tractor/trailers. Way out is down the side road or through the walled town.
Another weekend guaranteed to be packed solid is the summer solstice, longest day as the town has fireworks for half an hour or more at midnight.
The actual capacity is 49 but whether that is just around the eprimeter I have no idea but they always tend to double up down the central section & last time I was there There were 10 campers on the approach road when I went out in the morning. Lovely place for me.
I second making sure you turn right before the ramparts. We didn’t on a Sunday morning and ended up in the middle of the Sunday market! That was definitely not fun!
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