Warranty (Adria) but could apply to other makes

Warranty (Adria) but could apply to other makes

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We purchased a new Adria from Brownhills during the summer of 2018, last year it returned to the dealership for its Habitation service & last month for its second habitation & first Fiat service at a total cost of £724.
Shortly afterwards I had a small issue with the fresh water tank (the first niggle we have had & totally unconnected to the above) so living some 100 miles away from Brownhills spoke to a local independent service engineer authorised by Adria to undertake warranty work on their behalf. Imagine my surprise when he informed me that my motorhome was not in warranty with Adria as they had no record of any habitation services on it. Fortunately I was able to provide him & Adria with copies of all Brownhills receipts going back over the last two years which Adria accepted. On taking this up with Brownhills they said that there had been internet problems registering habitation services with Adria (over two years????) & apologised.
I am raising this on the forum because had it been say six years down the line & I had not kept all receipts I doubt Adria would have accepted any damp claim from me.
In the circumstances as my habitation services were not registered with Adria has this happened to other Motor homers too regardless of make - guess who will be doing my habitation service next year.
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