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Timberland Motorhomes is the answer whether you’re looking to buy a new luxury Timberland or Burstner motorhome or maybe a quality, value-for-money vehicle from our wide and diverse range of pre-owned stock.

At Timberland we are proud to put our customers first and hope that within these pages you will find the motorhome of your dreams — a motorhome that will truly see you going places in comfort & style…

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Dec 16
We bought a 1 year old Burstner from them in Dec 15. Happy with a good deal but returned twice in first month for items that were obviously not looked at in psi. Had a engine and hab service 12 months ago. Very poor. I added 1 litre of oil when I had got home to reach centre of dipstick and the internal alarm sensors that they said were mended had not been touched as they would have seen the sensitivity adjustment was set at zero. I told them I had lost all confidence and would never return. I turned down their offer “to make it right” I also said I was amazed that the big sell in being a Fiat Professional Dealer And a NCC approved workshop was no longer the case as they had both removed. They made no comment
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