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South Hereford Motorcaravan Centre was founded by Dave and Julie Franklin over 30 years ago. In 2011 the company relocated to a new sales location which is on the A40 Southbound at Whitchurch, between Ross-on-Wye & Monmouth. Moving premises has enabled SHMCC to display approximately 60 – 70 New and Used motorhomes. Starting with the addition of new Swift motorcaravans in 2011 the company expanded even further in 2019 adding Auto-Trail & Roller Team...
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8th Feb 2019
Purchased second hand 2007 Burstner Argos 748 in Feb.

Went down to see the van with our 2000 Elddis motor home as possible PX.

We did not look at any other vans in detail as we knew exactly what we wanted but they are a main dealer for Swift so lots of new/nearly new vans as well as older second hand vans.

All vans looked well turned out and the van we looked at was no exception.

The van was spotlessly clean inside and out and set out with dinner service etc to show off the living space.

Graham the sales rep was knowledgeable about the van and gave us time and space to inspect the van alone.

We asked about trading in our Elddis and they asked how much we was looking for an went to inspect it. They came back saying the valuation was fine and in fact it was worth a little more! I was happy that they offered what I wanted for the van and used the additional extra they said it was worth to get a longer warranty.

We agreed on the sale on condition a small snag list was completed. Nothing was a big deal, just a few cupboards that needed lining up and checking and testing the extras fitted to the van (2007 year) such as satellite dish and Hab A/C.

We paid a deposit and agreed a approx date to collect the van.

The collection was delayed slightly (1 week) due to waiting for paperwork from DVLA.

We collected the MH on the Saturday morning and despite the pouring rain, the hand over was smooth and easy and everything we requested, was completed.

We actually lost the spare keys and called SHMCC and they found them on the ground where we transferred our gear from one to the other and they sent these out to our address Special delivery that day!.

We drove the MH an hour away to Stow-on-the-wold to stay there one night just to be sure everything worked as it should.

No issues were noticed that trip.

We took the MH out a couple of weeks later and the weather was much better and I noticed that the Cab A/C was not working. There was no noise from the compressor at all. Checked all the fuses and they seemed OK.

I called SHMCC about this and they advised me to take it to a local Kwik fit type for a re-gass and send them the bill. I called Kwik-Fit but they were reluctant to look at it as they said a re-gass is normally only a suitable if the system is working but not getting cold enough.

I called a few places local to me and they said the same thing. I contacted SHMCC to explain that one garage said they would carry out a service on the A/C as they believed that it would be more than a re-gass needed.

SHMCC took over and contacted the garage to arrange to booking and for them to pay the garage direct which they duly did.

The garage that carried out the service said that the dye injection had shown that the condenser had a small pinhole which would mean that although the re-gass has got the system working now, it would gradually lose pressure and stop working again.

SHMCC was informed of the need for a new condenser by the garage and the cost (£££).

They contacted me about the possibility of bringing the MH back to them as they have their own service centre. I assume it would be cheaper for them to do it as they would do it for cost.

I said I would bring it back to them if required but as it was a 300 mile round trip, I would need to take time off work.

They then agreed to have the local garage carry out the work and paid the bill direct to the garage so I did not on this occasion have to take the MH all the way back to them.

I cannot praise this enough as I am aware that they would have been within their rights to request I bring the van back to them but they agreed to sort it out locally to save me the hassle.

Overall I have been extremely satisfied with the sales and after sales support from SHMCC and if and when I am in the market for a newer van, I would not hesitate to return back there again :D:D
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