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An iOS App for all things motorhome related - trip logs, campsites, to do and procedure lists etc

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I have numerous apps for locating sites but this app lets you bring all that information together in one easy to use app. I’ll continue to use all my other apps but add the site info into this app for future reference.
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I posted a thread on this but realised that popping it here might be a better idea as I have found this app so useful.

I have been using this App for a couple of years but a recent update added a host of new features and I am unaware of any app offering such specific motor homing features. I reviewed it on my blog here and have also uploaded a pdf of the review.

It's available in a Free Lite version and a paid version. I have no connection with them other than they asked me to do some unpaid beta testing before the latest release. iOS only.
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