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I had been a customer of Outsmart The Thief since 2018, And had received a Excellent service and interactions with Owner Carl Meyer if fact nothing was too much trouble, Until I started having issues with Arming and disarming my OSTT Alarm and combined tracker system in December 2020.

The previous Excellent service and interactions with Mr Meyer changed for the worse.
I was able to Arm the system with the key fob, But unable to disarm the alarm, After some trouble shooting to try and resolve this issue over the phone by Carl I was instructed to disconnect the battery leave it off over night then reconnect the battery the next day. This seemed to solve the problem, Then I stopped working altogether I was now unable to Arm or disarm the System.

Carl couldn’t understand what was the problem and said it was strange, And that he had not encountered this issue before with his alarm systems previously.

After doing some research on the Internet I found a post on a Caravaning forum from an OSTT customer that had experienced exactly the very same problem, Carl was well aware of this issue as he had responded to the customer that had posted it . I sent a him a copy of this post in a email, With no response back.

I sent a further email requesting a service technician to do a on site visit at home address at my expense to try and resolve the issue once and for all, This email was also ignored with no response back.
I rang Carl to and further requested a technician to do a on site visit , Only to be told they were to busy fitting new alarms systems to be able to accommodate my request and it could be some time before that was going to be possible and he was unable to give me a timescale

That was when Mr Meyer’s attitude and demeanour totally changed from the person that previously couldn’t do enough for you, To a Sarcastic, Condescending, Argumentative, Contemptible, Arrogant and Dam right rude individual.

He told me that there was no problem with his OSTT system and it must be a electrical problem with my Van.

One Of his technician did visit only after I had virtually to beg him to do so. He went through the system to find fault and reiterated that my Van had an electrical power issue although he was unable to find it. That cost me £85 for a home visit he seemed to have resolved the issue, Only for it to stop working the next day.

I then paid for a full electrical diagnostic check on my van via my local Garage with no faults found. I have been unable to set my OSTT Alarm or Tracker system for 7 Weeks now and have had no Security measure’s in place which has left my Van vulnerable to break in and theft.

Today I have had Mr Meyer’s all singing all dancing OSTT system removed and replaced with another product from one of his competitors with a guaranteed after sales service warranty and I couldn’t be happier. If your thinking of having a Outsmart the thief system fitted to your pride and joy think twice.

P.s The Alarm technician who fitted my new Alarm and removed my old OSTT system commented “ It only took me 10 Mins to remove the whole system and snip two wires to defeat the immobiliser if I can do it that quickly, So could a determined thief”
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Hi Paul Just out of interest, what system did you opt for ?
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