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We carry around 50 hand-picked, pre-owned motorhomes for sale and we apply the very same principles of attention to detail and a customer led approach to our motorhome sales as we employed over many years with our successful sports car business prior to entering the world of motorhomes.

Our small team are extremely knowledgeable on the products we sell. We aim to afford our customers a personal, friendly service with ample opportunity to browse our extensive range of stock to ensure they purchase the motorhome that best suits their specific needs, at a competitive price with an easy mind.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new showroom on the scenic Warwickshire / Worcestershire border near Evesham.

Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes - Authorised Dealer
Auto-Sleepers has over 50 years experience in meeting the needs of customers who are looking for the best in British-built motorhomes. Based locally to us at Willersey in the Cotswolds, they still take great pride in the hand craftsmanship and design expertise. Great time, care and effort go into the making of an Auto-Sleepers motorhome and it shows. The furniture, fittings and fitments are all of the highest quality, modern and stylish coupled with quality and innovation, all hand built to offer many years of pleasure. Because their designers use and live with their motorhomes, they know from experience what works and how to make the best use of every cubic centimetre of interior space. That’s why so many customers keep coming back to the brand.

WildAx Motorhomes - Authorised Dealer
WildAx Motorhomes are built to a very high level of quality and have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval - this gives great peace of mind and is reflected in strong prices on the used motorhome market. We also are very proud of the fact that the WildAx motorhome range is fully approved by the NCC - National Caravan Council. This means that the range has been subjected to an extremely detailed and in depth inspection and approval process that evaluates the motorhomes against the relevant legislation and build quality documentation.

One of the key benefits of choosing a WildAx motorhome is the combination of quality and the ability to tailor the design to your needs. Many WildAx motorhomes are “tweaked” during the production phase to include specific design requirements for a particular customer.

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July 2016
Bought our IH van from them last year. Excellent service and a very pleasant company to deal with. They seem to deal largely with up market cars, but have a decent stock of very well presented motorhomes. The sales man was very helpful, and although we didn't get a bargain deal, we did get some very useful extras included in the sale. The after sales service is superb. We did have to take the van back ( under warranty) due to a leaking roof light. It had been fixed at a local garage, but...They made a real pigs ear of it. Nick whale took it in, fixed the problem doing a really good job, and identified a couple of,other issues thatntheymdealt with as well. Atilla the after sales guy is very good. I highly recommend this company. They are professional, helpful and give top class service.
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