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  1. Nosmo King
    Marquis Preston
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 9, 2019
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    Jan 2019
    After visiting the show at the NEC and looking at lots of PVC variations, we decided on a Benimar Benivan. Fantastic specification, clean and simple inside, option for auto gearbox. We then discovered that the only outlet was Marquis, and our nearest branch was Preston.

    Marquis had / have a very mixed reputation and we were nervous about buying from them, to the point that we considered buying a Rollerteam Toleno instead. Similar, but just quite not what we wanted.
    Anyway, we contacted Marquis Preston, spoke to Dave, swapped lots of emails (Marquis were very prompt and professional in all their responses) and arranged a visit and test drive. A different member of the team met us (Tom) and was every bit as professional.

    1st impressions were very good. Polite, knowledgeable, professional. Had a good test drive, negotiated a decent deal, both of us happy. We then had a long chat about our expectations and the poor reputation that Marquis have.

    They were quick to agree that the company are not held in the highest regard, explained in detail the company organisational changes, and what they hoped would happen as a result. Fine words doth butter no parsnips I hear you say. But it did seem quite genuine.

    Anyway, placed an order, signed on the dotted line and agreed a delivery date. Sorted. Or so we thought. We then decided to go on holiday for 5 weeks so called to delay delivery. Chat with the sales director and the response: No problem. See you in January. Have a nice time.

    Researching the forums highlighted a couple of issues with the Ducato - Fiat block a heater outlet for example. Rear side window can be opened when you try to open the whizz-bang door. Called Marquis. Not aware of these but… we’ll sort them. No problem. And they did. Including supplying a couple of window locks to prevent the window from ever being opened (as we requested).
    PDI completed. They sent me a copy of the checklist. Very, very thorough. A few problems listed, Most very minor, and cosmetic (plastic cap missing off screws). A couple more complicated (Truma errors). Gas tests completed. Damp checks and readings. The good thing is they spotted the problems and fixed them. It wasn’t just a cursory glance over the camper. It was thorough and complete and honest.

    We went up to check the camper out before we paid the balance. Met the service guy who’d completed the PDI. Professional, honest, thorough. Knew his stuff and took pride in what he did. Confidence inspiring.
    Hand-over was thorough, detailed and comprehensive. Les. Excellent. Knew his stuff and made sure we understood everything. Complicated bits explained simply. ‘Van was beautifully presented and is an absolute pleasure to drive. Found a problem with the heating system. Marquis invited us to lunch while we waited for it to get sorted. And gave us 1st year's hab. check for free due to the inconvenience!

    So far so good. We have no complaints. Quite the contrary. We are very, very impressed. I know it’s early days, and it’s good to be aware of potential problems but so far Marquis have exceeded my expectations.
    Hopefully Marquis will maintain this level of service and professionalism!

    Had the thing a week and identified a couple of problems. Heater problem resurfaced and a couple of trim items. Contacted Marquis. They arranged to have the 'van collected and returned to us a day later.

    All sorted.

    Can't really fault this level of service.
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