M M M - The Motorhomers’ Magazine

I have been a subscriber to MMM for about 5 years now and have found it to be pretty good. People sometimes complain about the number of advertisements but these keep the cost of the magazine down and I find some of them informative.

The team at MMM probably spend a lot of their time trying to come up with ideas for articles that will appeal to motorhomers, but you can't please all the people, all the time.

When it comes to van reviews things are not so good really. I suppose they are in a difficult position as they can't criticise a van too much in case they offend advertisers. I notice that when they have their various van of the year tests there is always an advertisement for that van on the next page.

As a subscriber I get useful discounts for Warner's motorhome shows and some ferry companies and shops.

Altogether, a magazine with something for everyone at a reasonable price if you subscribe.
It is ok ,but with all Magazines a lot of income is from Motor Homes producers so they are unlikely to say anything about quality of vehicles or bad build quality, this is why websites such as this one is important although in saying that some owners never admit the truth about their motor homes

Tony A
We subscribe to MMM but when I phoned and suggested an article comparing the huge difference in hab servicing from different outfits I got the distinct impression that they don't like articles that might put their advertisers noses out of joint!!. I think thats the reason their articles are so biased towards staying on sites . Having said that we both still read it every month.
Good mag but I give the digital version a low rating because since going to the digital mag I am no longer entitled to the show discount when booking.They encourage you to swap to digital but dont warn you of losing paper mag benefits.
I've been taking this magazine for a ¼ of century :Eeek: Pre internet this was a must-have magazine and the main way of finding out what was for sale or where other motorhomes were travelling. But the internet has taken over, any news in a magazine now is certainly not 'news' (any magazine not just this one,) the news has probably been on the internet for months, so its old news before you open the mag. So to be of any value it lives or dies on its features.

While I have 'Caravan and Motorhome Club' magazines and "Camping and Caravan" magazines that stay unopened in the shrink wrap; I do always open my copy of MMM, not with the anticipation of the old days, it is a bit heavy on advertising, it always has too many inserts to fill my recycling bin and it has too many meaningless light-weight reviews that really tell you very little. That said, you can still find good and almost always well written travel articles from readers of the magazine. 3½ stars from me (y)
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