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MMM – The Motorhomers’ Magazine is Britain’s best-selling motorhome magazine and it has been for the past 50 years.

Written by motorhomers for motorhomers MMM magazine is well known to the motorhome community. Packed full of inspiring motorhome travel features, news and reviews, the monthly magazine is perfect for the experienced or first time motorhomer.

Travel features are written by real motorhomers and every issue sees a team of reviewers put the latest motorhomes through a detailed and comprehensive road test to provide you with the most accurate and in-depth reviews.

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I've had a subscription to the digital edition for a few years but cancelled it this year as I wasn't reading it. There are some good travel articles and excellent photographs but like probably every magazine things become repetitive after a time. However, for those starting out I recommend it, if only, like me, you keep the subscription for a few years. The digital edition is good on a tablet but does take a lot of data to download if you are away. It has a lot of adverts but it is easy to ignore them.
Looks good and on first glance through its glossy pages was tempted to subscribe. But soon realised its advert after advert. Pages and pages of dealers and manufacturers flogging their latest model. What I wanted was proper reviews and articles, back to back tests etc. Not brainwashing into upgrading. Some nice travel articles but for me is outweighed by the wasted pages I flick past. Did a trial subscription and cancelled it after seeing the first couple. Maybe its just not for me at this point, but at the newbie Motorhome stage we are I prefer Jims new magazine.
OK magazine. What stops it being good is that reviews are nor real world real use reviews. Most people who write articles seem to be more like caravanners in my opinion, and dont have thet insight that comes from real motorhomers.
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