HPC levellers by LNB Towbars, Bristol.

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Just had HPC levellers fitted by LNB Towbars at Aztec West, Bristol. They did a very neat and careful job, even fitting a chequer plate to reinforce the plinth in the garage where we opted for the pump to be installed. They took great pains to make sure that I was happy with the planned work, gave me a fine courtesy car and then ensured that I was completely satisfied with the job. Couldn’t have asked for more. Highly recommended. (y)(y)

The system itself is a joy to use too.

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Excellent service from LNB
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November 2022
Collected our camper from LNB towbars on Friday afternoon having left it with them for the week to have a hydraulic levelling system fitted and semi air suspension fitted

Mercedes Sprinters do tend to be a bit "boaty" the Winnebago View 24J being no exception, and whilst driving a 25' "tiddler" is more like driving a car by comparison to our last few RV's roundabout and slow speed speed bumps did make us wobble a bit. The adjustable air bags have sorted this out 100%

Being the first "little" van we van had for a long time, the Winne is also the first van we've had in a long time that didn't have factory fitted hydraulic levelling jacks as standard. We are now actually very glad that the factory didn't fit American jacks as the HPC system that LNB Towbars have fitted are much more controllable than the Lippert system most RV converters seem to use.

Being in the trade I have not doubt that I could have bought them trade and we could have installed the system in house at Van Bitz, but, LNB Towbars have made a superb job of the installation, manufacturing chequer plate reinforcement in the locker housing the air and the hydraulic pumps, and frankly proving the theory to pay experts to do what they do best!

I am genuinely 100% pleased with the nature of the installation and the products that they recommended they install to resolve the issues we had with our camper.
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How much does an LNB/HPC rear air suspension system cost to be fitted to your Motorhome?

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